Recovering from addiction can be a tedious process, but do you know that there are coaches that can help ease the burden and show that you are not alone in this process of pursuing sobriety? These coaches are called recovery coaches. At Footprints of Serenity, our mission is to help our clients succeed right where they are, while providing each of our clients with the resources they need to fit all of their unique individualized needs. We not only offer interventions, but we also offer recovery coaching as well!


What Is a Recovery Coach?

A recovery coach is someone who mentors a client who is recovering from an addiction. The recovery coach will provide guidance and help remove barriers by guiding the client throughout their recovery process. These coaches will reassure and affirm health & wellness in each of our recovery clients. They will help our clients see that their life is worthy and resourceful during this recovery process. Our coaches stand by our mission in making sure that each client receives individualized treatment for sobriety, recovery, and abstinence. The recovery coaches help our clients maintain a healthy and happy life throughout this recovery process which helps prevent relapse. In order to do this, the recovery coaches assist the recovering addicts in finding their own values and strengths. It’s common for addicts to lose their sense of self when they’re using drugs or alcohol, so it’s important in early sobriety to figure out who you are again!

According to the Association for Addiction Professionals, there are different roles that recovery coaches take on. These roles consist of many different things. 

  • Motivator & Cheerleader – motivates and encourages.
  • Ally & Confidant – loyal and trustworthy.
  • Truth Teller – honest and does not sugar coat things.
  • Role Model & Mentor – offers their own life as an example.
  • Problem Solver – assists in problem solving and non-judgmental.
  • Resource Broker – helps find a linkage in the community of support. 
  • Advocate – assists clients in protecting their rights. 
  • Community Organizer – helps the clients establish a network of support.
  • Lifestyle Consultant – offers feedback on the client’s recovery lifestyle.
  • Friend & Companion – shows the client that they are equal and a friend. 

How Do Recovery Coaches Help in Recovery?

Recovery coaches help within the recovery process in many different ways. As stated previously, recovery coaches help remove our client’s personal and environmental obstacles that are in the way of our clients reaching sobriety. The coaches guide our clients throughout the recovery process and help our clients reach their full potential while investing in a healthy lifestyle. This can be done by removing certain triggers and potential harm from the client’s environment and within their own mind. Recovery coaches create a mindset of positivity throughout the client’s life during this recovery time. This positivity is created physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. For example, the recovery coach will help find support within the community, find resources for recovery, and become a friend and ally to their clients.


Should You Get a Recovery Coach?

The key to a successful recovery from addiction and maintaining sobriety is changing one’s mindspace that has been created throughout their addiction. A recovery coach is someone who is willing to help you right where you are in this recovery process. A recovery coach meets you there and helps you become the best person you can be while maintaining sobriety. It is helpful to have someone rooting for you and to have someone that is in your corner. We believe in our clients preferences and we are flexible to any and all of the needs that our individual clients may have. It is truly up to the client in deciding if they think that a recovery coach is something that they wish to have/that they will benefit from.


How Footprints of Serenity Can Help

If having the benefits of a recovery coach is something that you or a loved one would like to experience, reach out to us. Here at Footprints of Serenity, we want to help our clients have the best recovery process possible in the simplest way possible. Contact us today for more information!

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