When first becoming sober, it can be a lonely process. This process can especially be uncomfortable when readapting to life after addiction treatment. Here at Footprints of Serenity, we want to help create individualized treatment paths and help with support after treatment. We want our clients to have as much information as possible, especially in regards to having a sober companion. 


What Is a Sober Companion?

A sober companion is someone who is there to support and guide recovering addicts throughout their recovery process. These companions help the client maintain sobriety and live a happy life while facing life’s challenges. Sober companions may or may not live with the client to offer 24-hour support. They can live with the clients from 2 weeks to up to 2 years after the client’s treatment program. This person can help to establish better routines into their clients life, such as returning to work, attending support groups, rekindling relationships that were broken due to the substance abuse, and more. You can think of a sober companion as a best friend / accountability coach. 

Benefits of a Sober Companion

Having a sober companion by your side during the recovery process is an important step to take to avoid relapse and maintain sobriety. There are many different benefits to having a sober companion. These benefits include things such as:

  • Availability – A sober companion can be available when other people are not available such as family or friends. This means that the companion is available to talk and give support when the individual needs them.
  • Continual support – This person can help provide continued support throughout the treatment process and even after treatment. This companion can provide strength and a listening ear when needed.
  • Accountability – Helping keep the client accountable is one of the main ways that sober companions contribute to the recovery process. Accountability is so important and having someone who is straightforward with you, will truly help in maintaining sobriety. 
  • Educating their clients – Sober companions may teach their clients life skills to help them readapt to life after treatment. They may also educate their clients on sober living, peer pressure, and more.
  • Creating confidence – This sober companion may help boost the confidence of the client, while helping create a higher self-esteem within the client. This will help to prevent a relapse by cheering on the client as they struggle to be confident in their new found sobriety. 
  • Rekindle relationships – Sober companions will support the client and encourage them to rekindle the relationships that have been broken or scarred due to substance abuse or addiction. The sober companion will help their client in every way possible during this process.
  • Non-judgmental attitude – Last but not least, a sober companion will provide a non-judgmental attitude towards their client and be a safe space to discuss things in which the client is struggling with. This can help the client open up and also help the client realize that they deserve a happy and healthy, sober life.


These are just a few of the benefits that having a sober companion can offer. This person will help the transition back to normal life be as easy and stress free as possible. Sobriety and recovery are life long journeys that are known to be easier to manage when you’re not alone!

How Footprints of Serenity Can Help

Here at Footprints of Serenity, our services include providing recovery companions to help our clients reach their long term recovery goals. Recovery companions usually become more involved within the client’s recovery process after the client’s treatment has occurred. Recovery companions are there not only to be a friend, a listening ear, and 100% supportive, but they are also there to provide resources, education (with life skills, sober habits, and more), and accountability when maintaining sobriety. Reach out to us today to get individualized treatment and a sober companion that helps you reach your recovery and sobriety goals.


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