We understand that addiction can be a touchy subject for many individuals and their families. We also understand that some people may or may not understand that they need help, that their behavior has changed, or that they are doing things that not only affect them, but also the people around them. Here at Footprints of Serenity, we want to help provide resources and information about what interventions are and their benefits.


What Is an Intervention?

An intervention is a process when things are introduced to an individual’s thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behaviors. The objective of an intervention is a confrontation with an individual that helps provide perspective in a non-threatening, but helpful way. This would allow the individual to visualize their destructive behavior and how it not only affects the individual, but also the people around them (such as family, friends, etc.). 

An intervention for addiction may involve the individual’s family, friends, coworkers, peers, etc., whoever it may be there are several people who have prepared to talk to the individual about their destructive behavior. This invention is to inform the individual about their behavior by using factual information and explaining the effect that their behavior has on the people around them. Interventions can be particularly helpful in getting someone to realize they are struggling with addiction and substance abuse. 


Who Needs an Intervention in Los Angeles?

There may never seem like an opportune time for an intervention, but sometimes they need to occur, whether the timing is right or not. Here are some signs to see whether or not an intervention for an addiction is necessary:

  • The individual starts to experience some difficulties within their life. These difficulties may be personal, financial, social, behavior or professional.
  • There doesn’t seem to be any control within the individual’s life, especially on the level of substance abuse.
  • The individual does not see this substance abuse as a problem and may not want help. They may be in denial.
  • The individual may be not receptive to the feelings or emotions of the people whose lives this person is affecting, whether it be friends, family, co-workers, or peers.
  • There seems to be a noticeable change in the person’s life pattern and their behavior doesn’t seem ‘normal’. They may be involved in something they normally aren’t involved in, or spending time with people they normally wouldn’t be hanging around.

If you notice any of the above mentioned in someone you know or care about, it may be time to start considering staging an intervention. 


Finding an Intervention Specialist in Los Angeles

Finding an intervention specialist or an alcohol intervention specialist Los Angeles may be difficult if you don’t understand what you are looking for. At Footprints of Serenity, we have come up with some tips on who and what kind of services to look for when wanting to plan an intervention:

  • Willingness to help – Someone who is willing to work with you and your family to get the addicted individual started with treatment/recovery.
  • Credentials – This person should be qualified, trained, educated, and experienced on the drug/alcohol, and be able to inform about detox and withdrawal.
  • Insurance capabilities – Make sure your interventionist takes your insurance, especially if you are unable to pay for the services yourself. 
  • Family involvement – The inventionist should want the family to be involved with the recovery process. This will help the individual stay accountable and be more successful within their sobriety.

Our team is made up of experienced people that are ready to help, and willing to work with you and your family to achieve a successful recovery. We have extensive knowledge regarding addiction and the treatment industry. We’ve made it our life’s mission to help those struggling find recovery. 


How Footprints of Serenity Can Help With Your Intervention

Here at Footprints of Serenity, we provide our clients with many different options when they reach out to us in regards to substance abuse interventions. We have a network of treatment centers, detoxes, outpatient facilities, etc., ready to help in every way possible. We want to make the recovery process simple and individualized to each of our clients. Reach out to us today to figure out your options, and start your journey to recovery and sobriety. 

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