Going through the process of detox isn’t always easy, especially when trying to go through this process alone.  There are many different types of resources, support, and professionals that may be able to help each client succeed while going through this process. The professionals may help with things such as withdrawal symptoms, substance cravings, severity, and much more. Here at Footprints of Serenity, we are dedicated to helping those in need of finding detoxification from drugs and alcohol. It is never recommended that someone tries to detox alone. 


What Is a Detox Treatment Center in Los Angeles?

A detox treatment center in Los Angeles is a facility where someone who is going through withdrawal symptoms from addiction can go to get help and find comfort within this detoxing process. These facilities provide professionals that are capable of medically supervising each client. These clients may be going through withdrawal symptoms that may or may not be life-threatening, so having medical professionals to help guide them through this process is crucial. The professionals within these facilities can also provide medication to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, but the medication truly depends on the severity of the addiction, the substance that was abused, etc. When looking at different detox facilities that meet your needs, make sure you look into the credentials of this facility and what they truly have to offer.


Why You Shouldn’t Detox off Drugs and Alcohol Alone

Detoxing off of a dangerous substance should never be done alone. That being said, there are many different reasons why an individual should not detox off drugs and alcohol alone, below we have provided a few of them. These reasons include:

  • Withdrawal symptoms – When a client is going through a detox they may experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be very mild and also very severe. Some of these symptoms include: nausea, aches, fever, and fatigue. Some psychological symptoms include insomnia, irritability, anger, anxiety, depression, etc.
  • No support – Going through a detox within a treatment facility, this facility can help provide support that may or may not be in each of the clients lives. Having support during this difficult process, will help our clients stay accountable and also help them continue this process without relapsing. 
  • What’s the next step? – The detox process is the first start of the recovery process. While going through this detox process, it is a great way to build relationships with professionals. These addiction and medical professionals can help their clients find the best treatment option for their individualized needs.This will put each person on the right track to succeeding in recovery and sobriety, and will also help to prevent future relapse.


These are just a few of the many different reasons why going through the detox process alone is dangerous and going through the detox process in a professional detox facility is important. Not only do these facilities provide professionals to help with these withdrawal symptoms, but they also provide wisdom in guidance with the next steps after the detox has occurred.


How Footprints of Serenity Can Help You Find a Detox in Los Angeles

Here at the Footprints of Serenity, we want to help you find the perfect detox that best suits you and your individualized needs. We provide the support and the resources for each of our clients, in hopes to ease the stresses of finding a detox and also ease the withdrawal symptoms that our clients may experience. Let us help you find the best treatment plan and detox for you. Reach out to us today to get started on your journey to recovery! 

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