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Addiction is stubborn.

That’s sort of an obvious statement but it’s true nonetheless and a core reason why many who need treatment, don’t seek it.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) points out;

  • In 2015, an estimated 2.3 million people aged 12 or older who needed substance use treatment received treatment at a specialty facility in the past year. This number represents 10.8 percent of the 21.7 million people who needed substance use treatment in the past year.
  • Among the estimated 19.3 million people aged 12 or older who were classified as needing but not receiving substance use treatment at a specialty facility, about 18.4 million or 95.4 percent did not think that they needed treatment in the past year for their substance use.

In other words, only around 11% of people sought rehab. As you see, addiction is stubborn.

What can be done then to help get your loved one the treatment they so clearly need?

An intervention.

What Is a Drug Addiction Intervention?

An intervention is a deliberate process by which change is introduced into an individual’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

It involves several respected and loved people close to the addict gathering to confront a person, in a non-threatening and non-aggressive way, to lay bare the depths of suffering that their addiction is causing themselves and their friends and family.

The idea is to hold a mirror to drug use and show them the effects. Similar to the  TV show “Intervention”, you won’t want to let your loved one know about the intervention beforehand. If they do know about it, they most likely won’t want to attend or will go into it with their guard up.

The goal is to get them to commit to receiving help in the form of rehab and to that end, another critical element is the consequences and ultimatums that must be followed through on should your loved one refuse treatment.

How an Intervention Specialist in Los Angeles Will Help Your Loved One Get Sober

An intervention isn’t just having a quick chat, suggesting rehab, having your loved ones accept, and dropping them off.

As you most likely know very well by this point, it’s hard to convince someone who doesn’t think they have a problem to fix it. There can be rampant denialism that’s wrapped up in addiction and often discussions about drug use become contentious, accusatory, and ultimately counterproductive. Serving only to further cement the use of drugs or alcohol.

Therefore, attempting an intervention without professional guidance is generally asking for trouble.

A trained interventionist understands this and works with you and the rest of those who will be participating in the intervention to develop a plan of action. In fact, they’ll help you form the most effective and convincing “team” with which to confront your loved one.

Once in preparation, you may find you don’t know exactly what to say, an experienced interventionist can assist you in developing the messaging that will truly connect and hit home, as well as help you create meaningful consequences if they refuse care.

Additionally, there’s the important task of making arrangements with a treatment center. An interventionist can ensure you cover all the bases in finding one that truly is a good fit for your family member or friend. 

Most importantly, they’ll be there on the day of the intervention to guide and lead it. It can be a tense, overwhelming and fraught meeting and for those who are unprepared for the torrent of emotions or haven’t been through it before – which is almost everyone – it can be hard to get through. 

Let Footprints of Serenity Guide You Through the Intervention Process

Working with someone who’s been there many times before, an intervention specialist in Los Angeles, means you can rely on their steady guidance to get everyone through it and with maximum impact.

If you think your loved one may be at the breaking point and that an intervention could be effective, reach out to us at Footprints of Serenity to learn more.


Benefits of Sober Companion

sober companion

When first becoming sober, it can be a lonely process. This process can especially be uncomfortable when readapting to life after addiction treatment. Here at Footprints of Serenity, we want to help create individualized treatment paths and help with support after treatment. We want our clients to have as much information as possible, especially in regards to having a sober companion. 


What Is a Sober Companion?

A sober companion is someone who is there to support and guide recovering addicts throughout their recovery process. These companions help the client maintain sobriety and live a happy life while facing life’s challenges. Sober companions may or may not live with the client to offer 24-hour support. They can live with the clients from 2 weeks to up to 2 years after the client’s treatment program. This person can help to establish better routines into their clients life, such as returning to work, attending support groups, rekindling relationships that were broken due to the substance abuse, and more. You can think of a sober companion as a best friend / accountability coach. 

Benefits of a Sober Companion

Having a sober companion by your side during the recovery process is an important step to take to avoid relapse and maintain sobriety. There are many different benefits to having a sober companion. These benefits include things such as:

  • Availability – A sober companion can be available when other people are not available such as family or friends. This means that the companion is available to talk and give support when the individual needs them.
  • Continual support – This person can help provide continued support throughout the treatment process and even after treatment. This companion can provide strength and a listening ear when needed.
  • Accountability – Helping keep the client accountable is one of the main ways that sober companions contribute to the recovery process. Accountability is so important and having someone who is straightforward with you, will truly help in maintaining sobriety. 
  • Educating their clients – Sober companions may teach their clients life skills to help them readapt to life after treatment. They may also educate their clients on sober living, peer pressure, and more.
  • Creating confidence – This sober companion may help boost the confidence of the client, while helping create a higher self-esteem within the client. This will help to prevent a relapse by cheering on the client as they struggle to be confident in their new found sobriety. 
  • Rekindle relationships – Sober companions will support the client and encourage them to rekindle the relationships that have been broken or scarred due to substance abuse or addiction. The sober companion will help their client in every way possible during this process.
  • Non-judgmental attitude – Last but not least, a sober companion will provide a non-judgmental attitude towards their client and be a safe space to discuss things in which the client is struggling with. This can help the client open up and also help the client realize that they deserve a happy and healthy, sober life.


These are just a few of the benefits that having a sober companion can offer. This person will help the transition back to normal life be as easy and stress free as possible. Sobriety and recovery are life long journeys that are known to be easier to manage when you’re not alone!

How Footprints of Serenity Can Help

Here at Footprints of Serenity, our services include providing recovery companions to help our clients reach their long term recovery goals. Recovery companions usually become more involved within the client’s recovery process after the client’s treatment has occurred. Recovery companions are there not only to be a friend, a listening ear, and 100% supportive, but they are also there to provide resources, education (with life skills, sober habits, and more), and accountability when maintaining sobriety. Reach out to us today to get individualized treatment and a sober companion that helps you reach your recovery and sobriety goals.


How to Make Sobriety a Good Time

Footprints of Serenity is a drug and alcohol intervention service provider located in Southern California. Our rehab center offers a unique personalized approach to detox and rehab that combines traditional treatment and modern therapies. With our luxury therapy and personalized programs, we aim to assist clients in overcoming substance abuse for good. No matter how long they have been fighting your addiction, we can develop a plan that works with you and for you.  Sobriety is achievable so take the step and get the help you need to maintain the sober lifestyle.

Finding the Reasons to Get Sober

One of the biggest factors in determining how successful you will be in your journey to get sober is how motivated you are and how badly you want it. Finding things you can enjoy when you are not chained to the bottle can be the motivation and the reason you hold onto when you struggle to get and stay sober. Here are some fun things you can look forward to when you are sober:

Take a class

Many people who enter rehab centers and are working to get sober and give up the drink find they need to express themselves in other ways. Rather than drinking many find that they enjoy art or writing as these provide a reliable outlet to deal with stress, feelings, and emotions. Taking a class to develop a new skill or focus can be a good way of recovering alcoholics as they work to maintain a sober life.

Be more active

Exercise has been scientifically shown to release feel-good endorphins into the brain, and this gives us that little boost that we all need from time to time. Whether it’s a hike, a walk with the dog, going to the gym, or a quick workout at home, exercising can help give you a new focus. Yoga, meditation, and tai chi can also be good ways to stay active and keep the positive hormones flowing.

Be a volunteer

Volunteer somewhere and find ways to use your skills and interests to give back to someone else. Work with local animal shelters, boys and girls club, senior home, or someplace else that you have a passion or interest that you can turn into aid. Giving of yourself will not only help the recipients but can also make you feel better about yourself and give you a positive focus for your energy.

Explore new hobbies

Ask yourself one question and fill in the blank – “I have always wanted to learn how to do …..”Whatever you put in that blank spot can become your new hobby. Look for local classes, study groups and workshops, local get-togethers, and other options to learn and hone your craft, whether it is sewing, woodworking, cooking, gardening, playing an instrument, or something else.

Remember the everyday fun

The final way you can enjoy your new sober life is by simply relearning how to enjoy everyday life. People who abuse alcohol often tell themselves they had fun, but they really don’t and often don’t remember the events surrounding their drinking binges. Sobriety means you can enjoy walks in the park, sunsets, birds singing, flowers growing, and time with family once again.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction and needs help getting sober and staying sober, contact Footprints of Serenity of Southern California. We can help you achieve a life of sobriety and can help you overcome your addiction the right way- a way that will last. We know recovery and can help you, no matter where you are on your recovery journey so call now to learn more and to get started!