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What would you do to save a life?

That’s the lens through which you should consider an intervention for that cherished person in your life.

At Footprints of Serenity, our drug intervention specialists and support team work tirelessly to connect families, friends, and employers with the intervention services you need to help a loved one who’s struggling with any kind of substance use disorder.

At Footprints of Serenity, our drug intervention specialists connect families, loved ones, and employers with intervention services for their loved one who is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. Our goal is to provide caring, compassionate interventions for you and your loved one. We work hand-in-hand with your family to ensure that the intervention achieves its goal. 

We believe that recovery is possible when presented with the opportunity. Our goal for your loved one is to be by their side for the entire journey of treatment and recovery. From care management to sober companions, Footprints of Serenity offers everything you and your loved-one need in order to achieve long-term recovery from drug & alcohol abuse.

drug interventionists los angeles
drug interventionists los angeles
drug interventionists los angeles

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Is your loved-one struggling with drug or alcohol addiction? Are you unsure about how to approach them? Let Footprints of Serenity help you with our intervention services. Our professional interventionist will work hand in hand with your family throughout the process.

Sober Companionship

Early recovery can be overwhelming for anyone. Footprints of Serenity is proud to offer sober companion and recovery coaching services that will help you get from early recovery to long-term recovery once and for all. 

Case Management & Aftercare

From treatment recommendations to at home detox services to care management, Footprints of Serenity is here for you and your family through the addiction recovery process.

Begin the Process of Healing

Our purpose is to provide caring and compassionate guidance for you through this difficult, trying time as well as support you in forming the most compelling case possible to serve as the tipping point for your family member or friend.

To provide that final push needed to get them to accept the treatment they so desperately require.

Because addiction is more than just a “bad habit” or a vice after all. 

No matter how it starts, as experimentation or a coping mechanism or the like, once addiction grabs hold, it doesn’t easily let go.  As the symptoms pile up, it becomes harder and harder to ignore the gravity and reality of the situation.

It’s all-encompassing and the longer it’s left to linger, the worse it gets. Falling deeper and deeper into an ever-darkening abyss, there’s an isolation that comes with addiction. All of a sudden you don’t understand how to communicate with a person you used to be so close with. Even though you may still live in the same house, a distance is created with confrontation only serving to make matters worse.

And worse yet, a substance use disorder is not something that simply stabilizes and reaches a balance over time. The nature of addiction being what it is means that it’s more likely a person grows increasingly dependent on a substance, building a tolerance to that drug or drink of choice. So, to reach that same high or level of intoxication they have to take more or drink more heavily the next time.

There’s denial on their part that comes with the territory, a fleeting thought that they’re actually in control. Truly believing that they can quit whenever they want, under their own power and sheer force of will.

That self-deceptive, invincible pattern of thoughts and self-destructive behavior can only last so long before something catastrophic happens.

Maybe it’s an overdose. Maybe they get behind the wheel when under the influence and tragedy strikes them, you and perhaps even innocent bystanders. The longer drug use or alcoholism goes unchecked, the greater the likelihood of not just consequences, but escalating ones.

Drug and alcohol intervention in Los Angeles is a chance to change the course of their life, and your own, which is why we work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that the intervention achieves its goal. 

Ultimately an intervention is more than just getting friends and family together and talking to a loved one. You’ve no doubt already tried talking. In addition to confronting them, you probably tried a compassionate approach too but nothing has stuck. It’s decidedly not an easy task to convince someone to go to rehab.

So, the difference between mere talk and an intervention is in the preparation. Working with a trained, professional interventionist in Los Angeles means collaborating with someone who not only understands addiction but can also build an effective strategy and guide the intervention itself. It means they’ll be able to help you decide who should be involved and, more importantly, who shouldn’t and where to draw that line. Those details matter in how your loved one reacts and their willingness to even hear the message.

Prior training and experience mean they have the expertise to overcome objections, protestations, defensiveness and whatever else can arise in that type of delicate, stressful situation, all while keeping the program on track.

And, perhaps most critically, it means that you have a knowledgeable, considerate team to lean on in assembling treatment options that are best aligned with your loved one’s needs. 

Intervention is about saving a life and we believe that recovery is possible for anyone if they’re presented with the opportunity.

Our goal for your loved one is to be by their side for the entire journey of treatment and recovery – from care management to their sober companions – Footprints of Serenity offers everything you and your loved one need in order to achieve long-term recovery from drug & alcohol abuse.


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We believe there is always hope for those struggling for drug & alcohol abuse. Here are just a few clients we have helped.

Although I've been a sober member of a 12 step program for 17 years, I was at a loss when it came to helping my own family member. Eric and Evan came highly recommend by trusted members of the recovery community. After the first meeting with Eric and Evan, my family was extremely impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. Eric and Evan showed only warmth and compassion during the whole intervention process. Their ability to work together was nothing but seamless. The two of them fully complimented each other throughout the intervention process. Eric and Evan worked tirelessly to get my loved one to agree to enter a treatment facility and they located one that was perfectly suited to my loved one's needs. They even stayed with him throughout the admission process. They have continued to follow up with us throughout the process Our family is forever grateful.
Evan and Eric were instrumental in taking our loved one to treatment. We couldn’t have done it without their intervention. It was just impossible. They were a tremendous help both in their active intervention and their psychological support to our family. They were relentless, patient, empathizing but firm with our daughter. I was impressed by the manner they handled challenging situations with calm, kindness, and assertiveness; always available to communicate with us throughout the process via text messages and phone calls. Their presence and coaching on how to communicate with someone with substance abuse were invaluable. I learned so much from them within a week and feel confident in staying firm while loving. Now we can all sleep in peace knowing our loved one is in treatment. There is no time to lose to save a loved one addicted to drugs. Contacting Evan and Eric was the first step in the process to recovery. It is money well invested in their professional services. I completely trust their competence and integrity..
Evan and Eric, I don't quite know where to begin. You guys were beyond remarkable. When it became apparent that my grandson was very negatively impacted by substance abuse with a likely underlying mental pathology, neither I or the family knew where to turn. As a result of a referral from a Psychiatrist specializing in substance abuse and mental illness we were referred to you. What an incredible find. What you guys provided was far more than what I expected. Judging from the results of your involvement, which to date have included a family led intervention and a successful admission of my grandson to a well regarded substance abuse residential facility; the first step in my grandsons treatment is off to a promising start. Considering how defiant my grandson was to entering a residential facility what you guys achieved in getting him to accept residential treatment was incredible and reflective of your commitment in supporting him and the family... Job Exceptionally Well Done.

Are you ready to change your life for good?

Footprints to Serenity’s drug & alcohol interventionists in Los Angeles is here to help. We have extensive services that provide assistance whether you are at the beginning of your recovery journey or you are looking for extended care services to aid your recovery, we can help.

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